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Oil and Gas - Innovation - Linde Gas Benelux

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Linde Gas Benelux

Linde Gas Benelux distributes cryogenic gases – nitrogen, oxygen and argon – in liquid form and in containers to customers in the Benelux, but also through pipelines. Transport is divided over the Beverwijk, Dieren and Botlek sites.

Contamination of loading hoses

As a gas supplier, Linde Gas Benelux must comply with a number of requirements. One of those is that the loading hoses are fitted with dust caps to prevent contamination of the trucks’ hoses. After unloading, the hose, which then is at a temperature of -196 °C, is put back in the hose container, which is closed with a cap. Linde Gas Benelux used to use Epramid lids. Audits over the past few years showed that they were not always closed. Because there is humidity in the air, small ice crystals form in both the inner and outer threads of the cap. When the driver arrived at his next customer, the cap would be stuck, or he could only move it a half turn. The caps would be on board the truck, but they weren’t being used. ERIKS was asked to devise a solution.

Freezing hygroscopic material

Epramid is a hygroscopic material that is unsuitable for these kinds of processes because water from the air precipitates and freezes, leading to problems during loading and unloading.

Multilene M for extreme low temperatures

Multilene M was chosen, a smooth, non-hygroscopic material that is resistant to extremely low temperatures and does not have attaching properties. The tube is not pressurised, so the thread of the cap could be widened slightly.

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New cap saves time

To make the cap easier to manage for the drivers, the shape was adapted to the thick insulating gloves they wear when handling the hoses. Due to the extreme cold, the hose must be held for the shortest time possible. Semi-circular hooks provide good grip on the cap with the gloves and make it easy to screw it onto the hose. All caps have now been replaced by Multilene M units provided by ERIKS.

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